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Regardless of what your tomorrow brings, we have you covered with our selection of quality insurance plans. We serve the needs of American individuals & families, adults, seniors and business owners looking to save money on coverage.

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Sunsure Insurance is not just a health and life insurance company. We are one of America’s largest and most trusted organizations for competitive insurance quotes and best coverage plans. Whether you are an adult, recent graduate, working without coverage, self-employed, retiring or someone just trying to save money, make the most of this opportunity to request a no-obligation free quote and get your insurance today.

Accident Plan
Because being prepared matters.

Our accident coverage pays a benefit directly to you or your beneficiary when you or a covered family member experiences loss due to a covered accidental injury. The plan allows you the option of choosing coverage to fit your individual needs. Accident plan also includes:

  • Coverage for accidental death
  • Coverage for accidental dismemberment
  • Annual wellness benefit
  • Other losses or treatments
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