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What are ancillary plans? 

Ancillary plans are supplementary coverage to your health insurance that covers miscellaneous medical expenses in addition to your health coverage.

Ancillary plans can cover expenses such as ambulance transportation, blood, drugs, dental, accidental, and in some cases the monetary amount can be used for non-medical expenses as well. Ancillary plans are extremely affordable and make your health insurance comprehensive, giving you solid financial support and peace of mind. 

Why are ancillary plans important?

It is a myth that Ancillary plans are a luxury. At the time of a critical illness or an accident, these supplemental plans play a big role in keeping you financially covered while you can focus on the treatment without having to worry about the long medical bills. 

Here’s a brief overview on various Florida Blue Ancillary plans and their amazing benefits –

Healthcare Plans

We have just the right plan for you.

Florida Blue
Florida blue health insurance.

Includes a variety of plans like Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug and more.

Florida Health Care Plans
Affordable, top-quality health insurance plan if you reside in Florida including Flagler, Volusia, Seminole, St. Johns and Brevard Counties.

USAble Life's Accident Plan
Supplemental protection for common accidents.

BlueDental Copayment QF Plan
Low-cost dental plan, also compliant with ACA.

USAble Life's Critical Illness Plan
Protection from the financial impact caused in case of a serious medical condition.

USAble Life's Hospital Confinement Plan
Reassuring layer of financial protection in the event of hospitalization.


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