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We have a number of different group benefits. Click on each to read more.

Group Health

Corporate Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans provide healthcare coverage to a selected group of people and typically provides better coverage options than individual plans. A corporate or group insurance policy can also provide coverage for pre-existing conditions while individual policies usually exclude these conditions. These policies are regarded as medical history disregarded (MHD) policies. Since insurers receive great premium amounts from an entire group, they are happy to cover pre-existing health conditions in group policies.

Importance of Group Health Insurance Plans

Choosing Group Health Insurance plans show that you truly care about your employees’ health and wellbeing. In addition, these plans help you attract good talent, retain smart people, win your employees’ confidence in you and build a corporate community.

Group Dental

Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental coverage plans can help you maximize your employees’ oral health and minimize their out-of-pocket expenses for regular dental check-ups and costly procedures. Coverage can be tailored according to your budget and goals. These can also help to cover the expenses of occasional root canals, fillings, surgeries, crowns and more.

Importance of Group Dental Insurance Plans

A healthy smile could mean that your employees are happy and in good health. To help them maintain their smile, you can make their visits to the dentist easier and more affordable by implementing Group Dental insurance plans within your company.

Sunsure Insurance is one of the largest Group dental insurers in America. This is why we understand that dental care can be expensive; therefore, many employees see Group Dental coverage plans as an added advantage. Also, these plans can be a good investment for helping you attract and retain top talent.

Group Vision

Group Vision Insurance

Every dollar adds up when it comes to your staff’s healthcare expenses. Group vision insurance is an essential element of a comprehensive benefit plan which can have a positive impact on your employee’s physical and financial wellbeing.

Importance of Group Vision Insurance

Millions of Americans suffer from vision issues, affecting their work productivity and overall health. Vision care plans can help them with their present vision issues as well as early detection of problems such as hypertension and diabetes which can affect their eyesight.

Group Vision insurance plans can help your employees save their money on different vision care services such as eye exams, eyewear, contact lenses and vision correction procedures. Also, since Group Vision coverage is an essential part of a complete benefit package, this insurance plan can support your efforts for attracting and retaining smart talent.

Group Life

Group Life Insurance

Providing high-quality benefits is a smart way of attracting and retaining top talent and employees. A Group Life insurance plan is a way of showing your employees that they matter to you. Also, it can help your employees secure death benefits for their families.

Importance of Group Life Insurance

Group Life insurance plans give your employees the certainty of knowing that their loved ones will be provided for.

Group Disability

Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance plans protect your employees’ in a very important way – these can cover their expenses when they are too hurt or sick to work. Sunsure Insurance can help you build a Group Disability coverage program where you pay all, selective or none of your employees’ premiums based on your corporate goals and business needs.

Importance of Group Disability

How would you make the car and mortgage payments, purchase groceries, pay for water and electricity or tackle any of your monthly bills if you are too sick/unable to work? Most people have to take sick leaves, turn to personal savings, Social Security or possibly Worker’s Compensation benefits to enable them to meet their daily expenses.

Group Disability insurance plans can help protect your employees and their loved ones by providing a source of income if they are suddenly unable to work due to a disability or sickness. These plans can also provide incentives to help them safely return to work as soon as possible. In addition, as an employer, the coverage plans can help you attract and retain intelligent and talented employees.

Find Affordable Group Benefits Plans

Sunsure Insurance can get you the best Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage plans at flexible terms that meet your individual needs and budget. Contact us today to save money on covered medications.

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